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RAVC Centenary 2018

Click here for full details of the RAVC Centenary.

Minutes of meetings

RAVC Blue Book 2018

RAVC Admin Instructions 2018

RAVC RH Morning Service 2018

RAVC Association AGM Sep 17

RAVC Officers Club Minutes 2017

RAVC Council Minutes 2017

RAVC Benevolent Minutes 2017

Events for 2018


A complete list of events for 2018 can be found by clicking here.

RAVC Centenary. Details of the RAVC Centenary 2018 can be found by clicking here.

RAVC badge
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RAVC banner

The banner donated to the RAVC depicting all of the animals that have served with the Corps.

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RAVC reunion

Past and present RAVC on parade at the RAVC reunion.

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