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The RAVC currently has a huge role to play on operations, providing the handling and training expertise for a range of Military Working Dog (MWD) classifications working in the Force Protection and Search spheres. Veterinary Officers use their expertise to maintain the health and welfare of the MWDs, provide advice on zoonotic disease and environmental health matters as well as working in the stabilisation arena. Military Working Horses are also a key part of the work of the RAVC.

RAVC Personalities

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The Princess Royal

Colonel-in-Chief RAVC

The Princess Royal is President or Patron of some 320 organisations. She is the Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

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Lieutenant General Roly Walker DSO

Colonel Commandant RAVC

Lieutenant General Roly Walker was appointed as the Colonel Commandant RAVC on 1 March 17.

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Colonel Mark Morrison QHVS

Chief Veterinary & Remount Officer

Colonel Mark Morrison was commissioned into the Royal Hussars in 1989. He graduated as a Veterinary Surgeon from Cambridge.

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Lt Col Abby DuBaree

Regimental Secretary RAVC

Lieutenant Colonel Abby DuBaree was appointed Regimental Secretary RAVC in July 2011, following 37 years of regular service in the RAMC which included Commanding the Defence Medical Services Training Centre Sp Unit, 33 Field Hospital, Frimley Park MOD Hospital Unit and the Army Medical Directorate Sp Unit before retiring in 2006.

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WO1 (RSM) Craig Woodall

Representative Sergeant Major for the RAVC

WO1 RSM Craig Woodall joined the Army in January 2001 as a Veterinary Technician. During his time within the RAVC he completed a tour on Op OCULUS, whilst on this operation he was promoted to LCpl where he provided support to the Veterinary Officer, he was also employed as a Patrol Dog Handler.

He was posted to UK Sp Comd (Germany), Defence Animal Support Unit in 2004 where he was employed as a Veterinary Technician. On conversion of the Unit to become 102 MWD Sp Unit in 2005 he completed a Vehicle Search Dog Handler course before deploying on Op TELIC 6, being again employed as a Veterinary Technician and a Vehicle Search Handler. He later deployed on Op HERRICK 6 and following another successful tour he attended an Artic Dog Course with the Swedish Army, before been assigned to the Defence Animal Centre as Head Nurse in 2008.

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Major Sean Jones RAVC

Chairman RAVC

Maj Sean Jones joined the RAVC in 1987 as a Dog Trainer. His soldier career consisted of training dogs and personnel, handling dogs and assuring the capability, and saw him serve in the UK, Germany, Belgium and Cyprus and deploy to Northern Ireland (for over four years), Bosnia (twice) and Afghanistan (twice). As a WO1 he served for a year as the Chief Trainer at the DATR until he was privileged to be appointed as the first RSM of the newly formed 1st MWD Regiment. On commissioning, he deployed to Afghanistan as the Sqn 2IC of 101 MWD Sqn before returning to take up the role of the Regiments first Welfare Officer. Postings as Regimental Training Officer and Sqn 2IC of 105 MWD Sqn followed before becoming the first OC 103 (HQ & Sp) Sqn in Aug 18. He was assigned as OC CTS in Feb 21.

Maj Jones is married to Emma and has two daughters, Elisha and Cayley who are studying at Peterborough and Derby Universities respectively.